Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wed, Mar 23, 2016

hola familia

sorry for forgetting to write a big email last week.

so it seems that every 100 days the mission just repeats itself. yesterday i had accidentally called an old woman pretty.... the other missionaries were laughing so hard. i realized the mistake i made immediately after the comment i made. was funny! so as i was writing in my journal last night i turned 100 days back from yesterday and there it was... the day that i had called a pregnant woman pretty on accident. i dont know if you remember me writing about that but i had made a big email about that experience about 4 months ago.

i also wrote about two mothers feeding their babies without covering anything 4 months ago as well. turns out that i had another experience like tht exactly 100 days after. what is going on here? i am going to see another woman whip one out and feed her kid in 100 more days and im going to call another woman pretty on accident. its destiny. the mission just repeats itself every 100 days i guess!

so id like to write a little bit about the story i have been reading in the book of mormon lately, the story of ammon and his brothers! always good stuff! something that i really liked about his style of missionary work is the fact that he got to the heart of king lamoni through service and love. ammon hadnt said a word about the gospel until lamoni had asked him about being a great spìrit. ammon offered his service to the king and showed loved toward him and his people. through this love and service he gained the trust of the king and when he taught the king he was overwhelmed with the spirit amd fell to the earth. and then his wife and people after that. even ammon fell to the earth because of the spririt that was within the room.

its amazing what the turn out was. that one man who offered service unto the king could convert many unto the gospel.

just something cool that i liked about my reading this week.

i love you allo and thank you for all the support you give me! have an amazing week!

With lots of love,

-Elder Sims

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