Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wed, Feb 24, 2016

hola familia!

so in reality not much went down this week. this morning there was a conference with elder bednar and all of southern south america and it was very good. made my pday shorter but thats okay! he talked a lot about agents and objects and that we as missionaries are here to invite investigators to ACT.

we invite the investigator to choose for themselves whether or not to act to listen and accept the message we have to share. agency is huge huge in conversion.

another thing he talked about was the holy ghost and how he is the teacher. he invited us missionaries to write in " small plates" which were the writing of revelation from the prophets of the book of mormon, and not to write our notes in large plates which were just a recording of the people. he said to write what the sppirit tells you to write, not elder bednar. it was a different way of writing but it actually hel`ps you remember what you learned and also that you will always be able to use the notes that you took. the holy ghost tells us what we need to here.

i know it was short this week and i apologize for that. i will do better next week. but i invite all of you to pay more attention to the spirit than the teacher in a lesson. you will come to learn a whole lot more and meaningfully. i experienced these things this morning and it has changed the way i LISTEN.

With lots of love,

-Elder Sims

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