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Wed, Dec 16, 2015

Hola Familia!

Este es mi ultima correo hasta Navidad.

How are things going at home?  How are all friends and family doing?  I'd love to hear from you!

Things here have been getting better and I keep having interesting experiences, but awesome ones too! First of all, if any of you have pics with me in them (with you of course) would you please email them to me so that I can always look at them. I miss everyone like crazy!

So this week was great!  I received my first letters (in the mail) from home and it was from my Aunt Rachel and her 4 kids.  I loved all of them.  I think the letter was sent on November 9th and I just got it on Monday, so it takes a while for things to get here I guess.

I had an interesting experience with a Chilean woman this week that was pretty funny.   So one of the wards in my zone was having an open house in the chapel where all were invited to come in and learn about Christ and family.  Us missionaries had to go outside and contact people and invite them to come in and check it out.  My companion and I were talking to this woman and telling her about the message and event that was going on in the chapel.  My companion was going on for a while just talking about it and he looks at me for my turn to start talking about it and the first thing I say is "es bonita" tryng to say that it is pretty.  After I said that the lady giggles and says "gracias!"...... I was very confused as to why this woman was saying thank you.  After we were done talking to her my companion bursts out laughing and I wasnt sure why.  He then proceeds to tell me that I told that woman the SHE is pretty.  I was confused how.  He then explained that it was because I said "bonitA" instead of "bonitO"...... I guess its a good thing that girl actually was pretty... haha  I'mm only joking a little bit.  So yeah, that was an amazing experience!

Yesterday we had divisiones and Elder Ricks and I were put together.  I'll have you know that Elder Ricks and I have been on the mission the same amount of time.   Soooooo..... we are both brand spankin new and we were put together to go teach people.  We were unsure about how our success would be.  Turns out that... WE KILLED IT!   It was one of the most amazing days I've had here on the mission and he felt the same too.  We did awesome in all of our lessons, speaking good enough spanish for people to understand and understanding the people!   We taught a dude from Haiti who speaks horrible Spanish but it was a great lesson for him.  Our last lesson of the night was a dude who was not even a member and his wife is a less active.  He came up to us and asked us for a blessing... this was our first time giving a blessing in Spanish!  It went great though and he invited us to teach him and we taught about family and the Restoration.  It was a great experience.  After the day was over we both talked about how that was our favorite day on the mission so far because we taught with love and confidentce.  We taught PEOPLE, not LESSONS.  We were FRIENDS to the people we taught.

It is our job as missionaries to teach PEOPLE not LESSONS.  The Holy Ghost is the one that teaches the lesson.  We are here to show our love for the people and invite them to listen and feel the Holy Ghost in their lives.  Our Spanish may not have been perfect and at times may not have made sense, but I KNOW that the Holy Ghost helped the people HEAR what we DID NOT SAY.  On the mission you have two Elder and the Holy Ghost.

I hope things are going great for all at home and I will see you all on Christmas!

ChauPo!!!! (bye po)

With lots of love,
-Elder Sims

Pictures:  Shopping at Pomaire! Clay Place

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