Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wed, Jan 20, 2016

Hola Familia!

Como estan? Espero que estan super bien!

The Spanish is getting better every day and I get so excited when I speak so fast that I stumble and look stupid, but hey, that's the fun in learning, right?

So this week was great  I had some good success with our investigators and less active members.  Our attendance in church is increasing even though people are leaving for vacations right now because it is summer!  By the way, this sun is insanely strong and I think it'll kill me before my two years are up.  I think winter sounds a little nice at the moment.

So this week we met a new woman who is now an investigator of ours named Liliana.  She has the two cutest daughters named Liliana and Teresa.   Liliana is 7 and Teresa is 5.  They were the two shyest girls I have ever met, but now they are off the walls energy.   The complete oposite from before!  They are so much fun and I love them to death!  I have already developed a special relationship with them.  While my companion talks to their mom I just play with the girls and it is a blast!  I don't think he likes it.... BUT I DO!!!!!!

So a few days ago there was a fire in Santiago and it was in a dump or something that had piles of garbage.  That put toxic smoke in the air and it was super gross.  We had to stay inside for more than half the day and after it cleared up a bit we had the choice to go outside if we wore masks.  My companion, being the hardest working missionary on the planet, decided we would go outside.  So I have a picture of us with masks looking so freaking cool!   I felt extremely sick at the end of the day because those masks dont do anything, but I'm good now!

So other than that my week was and more work.  Sharing the gospel is great!

With lots of love,
-Elder Sims

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