Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wed, Mar 2, 2016

hola familia!

this has been a great week! 100x better than last week actually! i just lovedit!

first of all ill expain why the title says what it says.

so on sunday night we were doing our normal thing at 1:30 am.... sleeping. all of the sudden we get a call from our neighbors saying that someone jumped the gate to our house! but the person left before the cops got there. since we live behind a dentist, we called him and he came over to go over the cameras and after about an hour of watvhing nothing we saw the robber trying to get inside the dentist office and he walked around the corner where we lived and hid for a bit. he came back and started stealing a light from the dentists porch and we saw his face and everything! the cops did nothing about it though. thats chilean police for ya! so yep it was a neat exèrience.

so i would like to talk about my favorite investigator Ingrid who is 42. i found her in my 9th day out in the mission field and taught her a little bit but then we lostcontact with her for a little bit because herfather does not like the missionaries and she didnt want any problems in her family so she stopped recieving us even though she was progessin a lot!

so about after a month and a half one day i was on divisions with another missionary and  i decided to go and look for her again amd i found her and taught her right then and there. she was super awesome! then randomly the sunday after that, i see her walk in to church! ah!!!! that was one of the best things i have ever seen!

she then went on vacation for a week and when she got back we taught her once and then another time in the same week. but in the second visit we had with her, she brought her 3 daughters! javiera whos 18, amadis whos 8, and ryan whos 6. the lesson went great! then the sunday after that lesson they all came to chirch! woohoo!!!! they loved it! we then set up a family home evening with them in the bishops house and ingrid and javiera both came and we taught about the plan of salvation and they both had some really good questions and both had a really good time! we have another family home evening set up with them this friday! i cant wait!

it has been the greatest joy to see someone from my 9th day on the mission and the progress they have made up until about the 4th month. i cannot explain how joyful it is to see people progress and recognize the happiness this gospel can give you. that is why im here. this gospel has brought me wso much joy and all i want is for others to recieve that same joy in their lives.

i hope everyone has a great week and i love you all! remember the joy this gospel gives you and you will have a stronger desire to serve and bring others unto chirst.

With lots of love,

-Elder Sims

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