Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wed, Feb 3, 2016

hola hola familia!

so this week has been good! full of trails and obstacles but they are ionly opportunities to learn and grow so thats good!

so i completede week 11 in the field last week. week 11 is when your trainer acts as the "new missionary" and you are the "trainer" and wow it was something i was so nervouse for at the beggining in week 1 but it actually went very well. leading the sector is something i need to be used to doing because it is what ill be doing after my companion leaves.

oh yeah. im going to kill my companion in 4 days! it is crazy to think that i am almost done with my training. i am always singing god be with you til we meet again to him just to drive him nuts and it is fun. for me at least.

so this week i dont have to many experiences to talk about. atleast interesting ones. i had an experience with a dog that seemed to really really love my leg, if you know what i mean. it was gross.
id like to talk about being an example this week. i chose this topic because one of our less active members wont go to church because she wants to go with her family but her family does not want to attend. she told us that she cant tqlk with us anymore becasue she feels like she is a waste of time for us. my compainion went on expaining about salvation and the inportant role church and the sacrament has in it. many ohter things were said but she still said that she cant attend because her family wont. he is a mother and a grandma.

i told her that if she wants her family to join her in foing to church, it is all going to have to start with her example for them. i invited her to be an example for her husband and her kids. to encourage them to go to churvh and feel the great joy we revieve when we recive the blessing from our actions.
we can apply this to our family and friends at home. we all need to be examples for those who need us.

short but its all i got for this week.

With lots of love,

-Elder Sims

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