Sunday, April 10, 2016

 Wed, Jan 27, 2016

hola familia!

this week was just fantastic! full of some great and interesting experiences as always!

i will first start off with an experianve i had with one of our le active members named nora. We were teachingher about the holy ghost and the sacrament. it was a great lesson! at the end we invited her to join us in going to church this sunday, her answer was "i cant promise anything, but ill try" we then explained to her that the lord will bless her so much if she makes the commitment to go to church, and then we aked her again.... the answer was the same "i cant promise anything but ill try." we had tried eveything we could to get her to commit to going to churcvh this sunday but her answer did not change. i then recieved an impression that i believe was from the spirit to ask her thi specific question, which was, "hermana nora, do you know who yoda is?" i then explained that he was a man of great wisdom, and that another man had told him that he would TRY to complete a task..... yoda then replied "hacer, o no hacer, no hay intentar."(do or do not, there i no try).

my companion had been looking at me with the look that he wants to kill me while i said this. but then after i had said these things to nora she began to ponder, and then she suddenly said, " i WILL join you guys in going to church this sunday." the force (spirit) was strong in this moment. we ended with a prayer and departed. myu companion then looked at me and said that he was amazed that turned out the way it did. WOOHOO!

now for the interesting experience of the week. i call it super pollo(super chicen).

so here in chile there apparently is a chemical in the chicken that bnasically speeds up the hormones in people. dont know if that made sense but basically women here look 5 years older than they really are. so one night we were contacting people and we come acrossed this young woman and we began to talk with her. she seemed like she was about 23 years old. we were talking with her and i asked her about her family and she said that she has two brothers that are 6 and 9 and that they are crazy. i then said yeah i have two younger iblings that are 15 asnd 13 and they are still crazy. she then said to me " i am 13 years old." and she walked away all mad......... i was in one of the biggest shocks of my life! a girl that i thought was 23 was 10 years younger than i expected. missionaries call those super pollo experiences.

never judge a book by its cover.

this pic is me eating a giant completo. the first half wa good. the econd was a fight. but what a great experience right?

With lots of love,

-Elder Sims

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