Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fri, Jan 1, 2016

hola familia!

sorry it has been so long since the last time i have written. since there was christmas and new years our pdays were switched up. but from now on ill be emailing evey wednesday like normal.

so christmas was awesome! i got some good gifts from home! i got a photo album that was awesome. there were pictures from my farewell on there and it made me miss everyone so much!

i also got some new scriptures that had some of your favorite sciprtures in there! i love going through some of them! if you didnt send your favortie scripture to my mom then please send them to me so i can mark them. i love thinking about the person while reading the scripture and it makes it more meaningful to me.

so on christmas i got to play basketball for the first time in almost 3 months. lets just say that the food here makes it harder for you to jump! but it was so much fun to play again! i got to play today as well and it was much better!

skyping home was great! i got to see my family ofcourse and my little niece malia, who couldnt even say my name before i left, said a prayer and the first thing she says is " please bless collin, then her family after" it was so cute! i miss that little cutie! i can testify that one hour on skype is definitly not enough! it felt like a 5 minute conversation. it was amazing though!

so my fijji people know abouit this scripture but i came acrossed it the ohter day in a zone meeting. DC: 58: 27-29. it talks about acting on our free will to do righteous things. and that we are "agents" amongst ourselves. in fiji we talked about being "agents" and "objects". an agent will work hard and always search for something to do that will improve something while an object just sits there until being told what to do. obviously being an agent is better because on the mission you can either sit there and just wait until you are told to do something or you can get up and get to work and search for work if there is nothing to do.

the lord gave all of us the gift of agency so that we may be agents and choose to do righto¿eous things with that agency we have been given. we can all be agents. i love you all and have a great week!

With lots of love,

-Elder Sims

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