Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wed, Jan 13, 2016

Hola Familia!

So last night I realized that today is day 99 since I left home!  Tomorrow is day 100!  That's almost 1/7 of my mission already!  Time is going too fast! Aaahhh!

So this week has been a decent week.  Not too much happened other than working hard and teaching people. Family Home Evening was great though!  My companion and I taught about agency and it was great!  We had a couple investigators and less-actives there too so it was perfect!  Another cool fact about that lesson on agency was that I had a pretty sweet gift of tongues moment!  I was going off speaking Spanish in Chilean speed!  It was so cool!  I barely remember what I even said....I just remember thinking about what I wanted to say in English and then when I opened my mouth it all came out in almost perfect Spanish!

The Lord gives us agancy as a gift, one of his greatest.  He wants us to use our agency for good purposes lke exercising our faith by going to church and reading scriptures and praying often.   Also to serve one another and be kind.  We must have the desire to do these things.

So on Friday I went to a different Sector with Elder Sosa who is in my District.  We taught a less active member and he pulled out an amazing scripture that made me think about my prayers and family.  It is a very simple scripture, but it has a lot of meaning to it...3 nephi 18: 20-21.  It talks about always praying for our families and that whatever thing we ask for in faith shall be given unto us.

I have a testimony of faith and that through faith anything is possible.  Faith is the first and most important principle of the gospel that we must always exercise.

Sorry this week's email is as short as it is.  I'll do better next week.

Shout out to Lindsey!   I just got your Christmas card on Monday and I loved it to death!  Thanks for making me homesick!  Love ya!

I hope everyone's week goes well and remember to remember that God is always watching over you.


With lots of love,
-Elder Sims

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